FortifyMIS (Management Information System) for Online Fortification Monitoring


FortifyMIS is an online data collection and aggregation approach for fortification monitoring. The Management Information System (MIS) provides an improved means for food producers and government inspectors to monitor the quality of fortified products while providing decision makers with timely information to improve program performance.

FortifyMIS aims to:

  1. Simplify the process of compliance data collection for national-level food inspectors and food producers
  2. Improve how food control agencies are informed of implementation challenges

Developed by Project Healthy Children (PHC) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), FortifyMIS can be used on computers, tablets, and handheld mobile devices. It allows for automatic tracking of fortified food quality and safety data using customizable digital forms, real-time dashboards, and tailored data reporting methods.

The platform aims to reduce the time and cost of monitoring and improve overall program performance by quickly tracking the quality of foods and identifying where improvements are needed. By using FortifyMIS, national governments and fortification stakeholders can better capture critical data needed to improve data-driven program outcomes.

The FortifyMIS platform provides:

  • A practical data aggregation solution for country-specific use;
  • More efficient and effective tracking of product compliance in real time to better understand whether fortified foods contain the amounts of vitamins and minerals per national standards; and
  • Data needed for countries to identify and act upon gaps to improve program outcomes in a timely, cost-effective, and sustainable manner.

By ensuring the delivery of adequate nutrients to target populations, FortifyMIS will be an integral component of global and national efforts to improve the nutritional benefits that fortification programs can offer to millions of consumers.

Users need their own login and permissions to view country data.

To see how the system works in training mode, contact Laura Rowe, FFI Deputy Director:

FortifyMIS is an online data collection and aggregation approach for fortification monitoring. To see a training example, contact Laura Rowe, FFI Deputy Director, at