Fortification Monitoring Offers Online Training for Flour and Rice Programs

Fortification Monitoring is an online training tool to teach basic concepts of internal, external, import, and commercial monitoring. It is available for flour and rice fortification. The course was created in collaboration with FFI, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and the IGP Institute at Kansas State University.

The tool guides participants in planning for a monitoring system; engaging in internal, external, import and commercial monitoring activities; and collating, reporting and using monitoring data. Videos, photos and examples enhance the monitoring concepts. Data collection forms are provided to facilitate country-based monitoring activities.

The online course consists of nine modules. The topics are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Fortify?
  3. Multi-Sector Alliance and Planning for Fortification Monitoring
  4. Standards, Premix and Laboratories
  5. Internal Monitoring
  6. Regulatory Monitoring Part I: External Monitoring
  7. Regulatory Monitoring Part II: Import and Commercial Monitoring
  8. Quality Management Systems
  9. Reporting and Using Data

Participants move through the modules at their own pace and can access videos after each module before going to the next segment. The videos can be streamed with an Internet connection or downloaded for viewing later.

The intended audience includes representatives of government ministries and partner organizations, flour millers, food inspectors and laboratory technicians. The course could be used to guide country leaders who are planning for fortification, to train staff working on fortification programs, or to facilitate a baseline level of knowledge among individuals preparing to attend a fortification workshop.

For information contact Laura Rowe, FFI Deputy Director:

Top Photo Credit: @David Snyder for CDC Foundation

Intended audience:

  • Flour millers
  • Food inspectors
  • Laboratory technicians
  • National fortification leaders
  • Workshop participants
  • Government ministries
  • Partner organizations