Cost:Benefit Workshops Estimate Economic Advantages of Improved Nutrition

The cost:benefit tool assists countries in comparing the estimated cost of implementing a national fortification program to the benefits the program will generate in return, also referred to as the program’s cost:benefit ratio. The tool is designed to be completed in a workshop setting with a trained facilitator. Countries need to provide data as illustrated in this spreadsheet, which is populated with data from an imaginary country called “Fortifitopia.”

For more information, contact Quentin Johnson, FFI Training and Technical Support Coordinator:

Top Photo Credit: @Smarter Futures

Country Examples

  • In Bangladesh, the current levels of iron deficiency anemia will lead to economic productivity losses of US$ 4.448 million over 10 years.
  • Chile calculated one year of costs of surgical treatment and rehabilitative services for people with spina bifida who were less than 22 years old and compared that with the cost of fortifying with folic acid. The results represent a net savings of 2.3 million dollars.
  • In Tanzania, every dollar invested in food enrichment can result in an economic return of $8.22. In addition, almost 6,800 deaths per year could be prevented.