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About the Food Fortification Initiative (FFI)

Why fortify flour and rice with essential nutrients?

Plan for fortification

Implement flour and rice fortification effectively

Monitor for quality and impact

Country profiles with selected grain, fortification, and health indicators for every country

Download maps of global progress toward fortification of industrially milled grains

Flour and rice fortification activity by region

Tools and Training material for wheat flour, maize flour, and rice fortification

  • Birth defect surveillance for program managers and health professional or other interested individuals
  • Communications toolkit for food fortification advocacy
  • Cost:Benefit workshops
  • Documents for fortification legislation, standards, and monitoring often miss key items. Use this checklist to review materials
  • Flour Millers Toolkit is a set of PowerPoint slides with basic fortification implementation information for wheat and maize flour millers
  • Fortification Monitoring is online training for flour and rice fortification
  • FortifyMIS (Management Information System) is an online data collection and aggregation approach for fortification monitoring
  • Fortification Monitoring and Surveillance (FORTIMAS) is an approach for tracking the population coverage and impact of a food fortification program
  • Introductory Training to Micronutrients and Food Fortification is a remote training program
  • Rice Millers Toolkit describes the process to blend fortified kernels with milled, non-fortified rice to produce fortified rice.
  • Standards and guidance documents are available to help determine nutrients and levels of nutrients to include in fortified grains. A policy guidance document is also available.
  • Summary documents highlight the evidence for fortifying food with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Survey Toolkit includes resources to help assess and monitor vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Food fortification basics in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Hindi 

أكثر ذكاء. أكثر قوة. أكثر صحة.
Plus intelligent. Plus fort. En meilleur santé.
Умнее. Сильнее. Здоровее.
Más inteligente. Más fuerte. Más saludable.
अधिक होशियार। अधिक मजबूत। अधिक स्वस्थ


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