Plan for Flour and Rice Fortification

Our first recommendation when considering fortification is to form a national alliance. Seek participation and commitment from national leaders representing public, private, and civic sectors. Involving all sectors early prevents overlooking key information. It also builds commitment from each group to work toward success.

Among the topics to consider when planning are:

  • Nutrition: Analyze data on nutrition deficiencies and determine which deficiencies can be addressed with fortification.

  • Intake: Consider the commonly consumed foods and clarify which foods to fortify to create the desired health impact.

  • Industry: Determine the number of large mills in your country and what equipment and training they need to begin and sustain fortification.

  • Standards: Establish a country standard to specify what nutrients to add to the grain and how much of each nutrient to include.

  • Legislation: Create legislation to lead to country-wide coverage.

  • Communications: Think strategically about how to influence key decision makers to gain support.

As part of planning, indicators may be developed to track the progress and impact of fortification. The World Health Organization has a list of indicators that may be  helpful.

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Use Checklist to Improve Documentation

A review of grain fortification monitoring documents from 68 countries indicates that key elements are generally missing from the material. To help countries revise their documentation or establish new programs, the review authors created a 44-point checklist with sample text for food fortification legislation, standards, and monitoring policies.

Un examen des documents de 68 pays sur l’enrichissement des grains entiers constate que des éléments clés sont généralement omis de la documentation. Afin d’aider les pays à réviser leur documentation ou à élaborer de nouveaux programmes, les auteurs de l’examen ont créé une liste de vérification en 44 points, accompagnée d’un échantillon du type de langage à utiliser en ce qui a trait aux mesures législatives, les normes et les politiques de surveillance sur l’enrichissement des aliments.

Una nueva revisión de documentos utilizados en la fortificación de granos en 56 países indica que le faltan elementos clave.  Para ayudar a los países revisar su documentación o iniciar nuevos programas, los autores crearon una lista de chequeo con 44 elementos y texto ejemplar que se puede usar en la legislación, los estándares y los protocolos para el monitoreo de la fortificación de alimentos.

Законодательство, правила и вопросник для мониторинга