Communications Garners Partner Support

Effective grain fortification programs require multiple stakeholders to work towards fortification, and it can take a lot of time, energy, and money.

Among the stakeholders involved are policy makers to create legislation making fortification mandatory; millers to correctly fortify the flour or grain; government authorities to monitor for compliance with the legislation; bakers to accept and bake with fortified flour; and consumers to purchase and consume fortified products.

An effective way to garner support and foster action for cereal grain fortification is through a communications campaign. This is more than simply sharing the scientific evidence for fortification. Educating key decision makers is not always enough as competing interests, forgetfulness, and lack of motivation may divert their attention. Effective communications must also inspire people to take action.

The Fortification Communications Toolkit and accompanying workbook can help you plan and conduct a communications campaign.  The toolkit is designed for proponents of fortification of wheat and maize flour and rice. However it can be used as a basis for developing a communications campaign for other types of food fortification as well.

The toolkit guides users through seven steps including:

  • Selecting target audiences and determining objectives
  • Understanding the audiences' perceived barriers and benefits to fortification
  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Developing activities
  • Setting a budget
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Implementing and adjusting as needed

Download Free Communications Planning Tools

Fortification Communications Toolkit
A 53-page guide to identifying and researching specific target audiences, developing a communications strategy to address the perceived barriers and benefits, and monitoring the campaign for effectiveness. See more....

Fortification Communications Toolkit Workbook
Templates to copy and use to organize a communications campaign. See more....