Legislation, Regulations, and Monitoring Checklist

This checklist includes items that should be included in legislation, regulations, and monitoring guidelines. The list was created from reviewing best practices in countries with mandatory wheat flour, maize flour, and/or rice fortification. This is also available in Russian.

General >>

  1. Legislation States that legislation applies to at least one food vehicle fit for human consumption (types/grades to be fortified)
  2. States the public health objective; purpose and scope of legislation
  3. References latest available science or accepted international norms and recommendations, particularly for items that may not be covered in the country's documents
  4. Provides definitions that includes terms that are specific to fortification (e.g. fortified food, premix, fortificant, food vehicle)
  5. Provides repeals (if there is at least one prior document about fortification)
  6. Provides effective date or gives grace period for when fortification is to begin (e.g. effective 6 months from signing)

Micronutrients/premix >>

Costing >>

Labeling >>

Internal monitoring (conducted by industry during production) >>

External monitoring (conducted by government at production sites) >>

Commercial monitoring (conducted by gov. at market or distribution sites) >>

Import monitoring (conducted by government at ports/points of entry) >>

Enforcement/penalties >>

Laboratory >>

Reporting >>

The following researchers and institutions helped compile this checklist: Kristin J. Marks1,2, Corey L. Luthringer3, Laird J. Ruth1,4, Laura A. Rowe5, Noor A. Khan6, Luz María De-Regil6, Ximena López7, Helena Pachón1,2

1 Food Fortification Initiative, Atlanta, USA; 2Emory University, Atlanta, USA 3Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Geneva, Switzerland; 4Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA; 5Project Healthy Children, Cambridge, USA; 6Micronutrient Initiative, Ottawa, Canada; 7Granotec, Santiago, Chile


Marks KJ, Luthringer CL, Ruth LJ, Rowe LA, Khan NA, De-Regil LM, López X, Pachón H.  “Review of grain fortification legislation, standards, and monitoring documents.”  Micronutrient Forum, Mexico, 2016.


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