Samoa Consultations


15 March 2011 - 17 March 2011


Region: Pacific


Consultations were held with government, agencies and private industry representatives on the need to implement fortification of foods and improve the supply of nutritious food in Samoa, in follow up of the government’s endorsement of the Pacific Framework for Action to improve food and nutrition security in the region. The Government is keen to establish food fortification standards; however it would like to gather evidence of vitamin and mineral deficiency and it needs some technical assistance in moving forward with implementation.

Regulations for food control and food safety, and mandatory labeling of foods are being drafted in line with Codex requirements, to make food trade a level playing field in Samoa. The Agencies (WHO & FAO) are willing to assist and support the implementation of government policy around food fortification. The need for criteria and frameworks on fortification from other countries in the Pacific can be adapted and used for implementation in Samoa. Advocacy efforts for nutrition and food quality need to be enhanced to educate consumers in order to bring food security issues to the forefront.