Asia-Pacific: What We Do


Photo: Truls Brekke/UNICEF


FFI supports seven countries in East Asia and the Pacific based on their unique needs and the current status of their national fortification efforts. Upon a host country’s request, we work with partners to strengthen and improve an existing national fortification program or, for countries without a national program, to create an enabling and sustainable environment for fortification.





Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands

Viet Nam


FFI in action

FFI has championed rice fortification in the Solomon Islands since 2015. Working closely with the Solomon Islands Government, we assessed the country’s burden of micronutrient deficiencies to support evidence-based decision-making, provided compliance workshops and technical guidance for importers and assisted the government in drafting legislation.


Our impact

With strong support from FFI, importers and the government, the Solomon Islands adopted new mandatory rice fortification standards in June 2019. Currently, rice fortification in the Solomon Islands costs less than 1% more than the retail price of unfortified rice and will ensure nearly 600,000 people receive the micronutrients they need. Solomon Islands is one of only seven countries with mandatory rice fortification.







Europe and Central Asia  


South Asia