15 Years, 15 Fortification Champions

The public policy planning forum that launched what became FFI was on 24 October 2002 in Mauritius. To celebrate our 15th birthday in 2017, we honored 15 fortification champions from different sectors and different parts of the world. An influential person who supports fortification is a key to success, based on lessons from Latin America.

See more about FFI's history, and click below for interviews with fortification champions. 

Abubakar Bakhresa, Tanzania

Agron Gashi, Kosovo

Ayoub Al-Jawaldeh, Egypt

Deena Alasfoor, Oman

Do Hong Phuong, Viet Nam

Eduarda Mungoi, Mozambique

Godfrey Oakley, United States

Greg Harvey, Singapore

Nicolas Tsikhlakis, Jordan

Pawan Agarwal, India

Shamil Tazhibayev, Kazakhstan

Sue Horton, Canada

Terry Wefwafwa, Kenya

Victor Temple, Papua New Guinea

Wilma B. Freire, Ecuador